• Bar cash register table and chairs makeup Sets

Bar cash register table and chairs makeup Sets

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  • Factory direct amount of large favorably welcome to call to order: 15668044466 product packaging: foam + carton + wooden, Such as to be delivery service, please contact Customer Service

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[Purchase notes]

Please you in the closing goods the Be sure to face inspection pro, Such as have damaged the to freight issued proof to solve problem. Roogo is in sign for after the contact we said before they found have damage, responsibility can not be broken down, BENSE.O shop will not give a compensation and processing! By this is the return shipping to be you personal into a size. A, please understand !! Mind's, Please carefully shot !!!!!

Due to furniture size big and heavy-weight, material product big and with transport damage risk. So we do not accept due to size, color, Small flaws and transport to the small scratch or paint worn and other reason to required back for goods. So in not affect the use and as a whole and beautiful two parts of the, furniture once sold will not be returned. Such as should be special by, in time and we contact negotiation made it clear that return reason to, we will as appropriate processing, But return back and forth shipping, return transport risk, impact two times sales lead to the loss with you all. Mind's, Please carefully shot! Thank you understand!

[About Evaluation]

We very value that you the evaluation, any a shopping are should be is a sense. As much as possible to reduce not necessary the regret. Although we do for sellers, but also does not promote blind to buy. It may be the waste all the time. In addition of sale process in might will have not happy) fabric. Like Logistics provides more we are very hard to system, and so on. The honey of buyers hands can two mercy. Can to a kinds of flat and the state of mind and Treasurer negotiation processing. We must be still feel with solve problem. Do not to of the gas, a language negative feedback, this problem also solution is not. Hope pro's understand.

[Product introduction]High-end studio furniture

Material]Pure solid wood, density board, green paint

[Size]Long:51 cm Wide:53 cm High:101 cm (this size is in general chair standard size, not on behalf of the this section the actual size, Such as need to can contact Customer Service)

Product not, shipping to system default, not on behalf of the actual shipping, details please contact us

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