• Baobao children studio photography props moon bed

Baobao children studio photography props moon bed

  • Express fee is according to the actual charge the pro 170 yuan the is 16 kg 260 yuan the is 20 kg

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Technical support: palm-sized

New style children's props moon boat promotional

Handmade for making handmade painting is not very fine a little paint taste is unable to avoid! As well as large wooden props Road in inevitably will be a little small bump is normal phenomenon, but photo shoot does not affect the mind's carefully shot Thank you cooperation

Color: solid white yellow size; 70*70*

Size: High 90 cm wide 90 cm after 45 cm 260 yuan

Need to that of color and customer service contact or message no note Random delivery Thank you

Delivery time is 4 days or so because size more big need to wood packaging

For shipping individual places shipping not correct need to make up the shipping to delivery Thank you understand


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