• Arm camera cantilever rack photography lights

Arm camera cantilever rack photography lights

  • Note: This product is only single rail bracket, does not contain display figure in the lighthouse. 75-140cm adjustable

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Product Description

Name: Dome light rack/cantilever Rack (rail)

Note: Not including lighthouse,Such as to be with lighthouse suit, please click below link


Product Model: arm rack
Stretch length: 150 cm
Shrink length: 80 cm
Maximum Diameter: 25.5mm
Minimum diameter: 22mm
Section number: 2 day
With Turntable
To send bags

BENSE.O product is part of the small operating rod, applicable to all kinds of lighthouse the use, simple, compact, flexible, convenient, affordable, absolute is you work when the good helper, let you in the work in the more the easy, quick, around on ......

Note:This Section Cantilever rack the applicable to ordinary light is light, 200w the following flash lights matching use. Or matching card machine used as overhead.

Contains: 1, professional rack rod 1 Root

2, shelf installation sets wheel (single wheel) One

3, bags (bring your own with heavy)

Buyers must see:Vientiane wheelA big a small2, hole, small the hole only suitable installation, installed the when the screw wrench release hole


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