• Also raw/iwallet paper sense wallet watermelon tear is not badDupont paper super lightweight waterproof art wallet

Also raw/iwallet paper sense wallet watermelon tear is not badDupont paper super lightweight waterproof art wallet

  • Internal structure : Bills folder
  • Internal structure : Documents bit
  • Internal structure : Change bit
  • Internal structure : Card bit
  • Internal structure : Dark cell
  • Brand : IWallet
  • Item : IWallet
  • Internal structure : Other

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Product Description
01 paper wallet display, description

Watermelon, as you see


The screen(can be refer to iPhone mobile phone, Apple Computer, Yi Zhuo display is) Color reduction accurate figure 3 under, or more wallet and actual receive the than about have 5% color.
P. S. General printing Material color in 10% or so.

Standard features

Product Brand Iwallet
Production of retailer E. T. Studio
Type No. ET-001033
Material Quality Du Bang Tyvek
Yan color Colorful
Knot Structure 1, change coin bag| two fold short paragraph| 2, card bit| 2, money-
Specifications Long 21 cm wide 8.35 cm thick 0.45 cm
02 Profile

Iwallet paper wallet by E. T. Studio R& D, design, production, and sales, old clock is E. T. Studio the founding of, is responsible for people, design division.

Born background and time table

February 2010 times contact Tyvek paper wallet

March 2010 by foreign channels buy was a batch a brand Tyvek paper wallet

October 2010 start in the network for sales, wallet soon sales a empty

December 2011 to apply for Agent oneday paper wallet, is refused to, reason is the agent other brand, Start is their own production of paper wallet the idea.

March 2011 start full post R& D tear is not bad the iwallet paper wallet, Early that only need to flower 1, 2 a day, 2000 yuan around, But the flower the 2 a month, nearly 20000 Yuan after still failure

In November 2011 with the main paper wallet present from the hair, off color problem, A, Du Bangzhi of the is so, Can not be change, but in reality it all started guilt not, Determined to start color in Dupont paper wallet on the popular present the from the hair, fade, from the skin problem

In April 2012, continue to R& D six months after, From the hair, off color problem in a variety of wide range of testing after still can not solve, to determine the R& D failure, At this time has been flower light all chou cuo funds, start quiet the to friends, family declared give up, And start to find work

May 2012 receive after a batch has been is forgotten the factory sample, continuous improvement, testing a month, Up to this tear is not bad the iwallet paper wallet only end in rare cases R& D success, At this point to the Commitment"tear is not bad the iwallet wallet can at least use 3 years or more", At this time the iwallet paper wallet quality about is equal to other paper wallet the 2 times

In January 2013, for the pressure testing, constantly the correction, tear is not bad the iwallet paper wallet year-end styling

In May 2013, iwallet paper wallet technology lead to a breakthrough, quality up to at least is other paper wallet the 5 times or more

In September 2013, iwallet paper wallet waterproof anti-dirty technology lead to a breakthrough, And quality goes up to at least is other paper wallet the 10 times or more(with testing data)


Tyvek paper, also called Dupont paper, special Tyvek paper and other, is the Dupont Company the patent products, Is both non-paper, also non-cloth, more non-plastic film the excellent class paper material. It is fine(than people the hair silk fine 7 times) the polyethylene fiber composition, These fiber in the heat and pressure of side effects under is adhesive in together and made into, Tyvek paper with strength high, weight light, flexible and good, wear-resistant, tear is not bad, can be Recycling regeneration and other you.

Tear is not bad the iwallet paper wallet by a whole of printing with personalized color pattern of DuPont Tyvek paper, Is fine the cutting, your collection of folding, not for any sewing the pierced, suture, Only small swing wide the use 3M Plastic Adhesive inside by force position, production and to the fashion and fun full of the practical of wallet.

Iwallet paper wallet with ultra-thin, ultra-light, waterproof, anti-dirty, tear is not bad, anti-tear, Wear-resistant, not from the hair, not fall apart, automatic by capacity(with dress the items increased, Wallet capacity automatic expansion to adapt to, with of the items to reduce, wallet capacity automatic narrow fit), 100% green can be recycled recycling and other you.

Iwallet paper wallet the advantage

Address-the technology innovation, long time use also is not from the hair, do not fade, do not fall apart;

The waterproof(other brand of water can penetrate wallet);

Anti-dirty, dirty the can be washed clean;

Automatic by capacity design, with wallet the dress items more and less, wallet automatic expansion or narrow;

Accept custom, National;

Hidden the coin pockets;

Free choose 8 kinds of card bit design style;


--1, Hidden pockets bit, can be loaded coin, documents, paper;

--2 a large bill bit;

--2 a card bit, Can hold 16 sheets or more than 16 of credit card, bank card and other card;

--Long 10.5 cm(folding)/21 cm(expand)| wide 8.35 cm| thick 0.45 cm;

iWallet纸钱包不起毛不掉色 oneday纸钱包起毛掉色严重
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