• 90 x 120cm five one oval reflective Board

90 x 120cm five one oval reflective Board

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Five one oval reflective board 90x120 cm colored Reflective plate reflective board with Portable Bag

Material is South Korea imported fabric

1.The five in one multi-purpose reflective board contains the 5 kinds of photography in the most commonly used the reflective board function, Contains the gold reflective board, silver reflective plate, white reflective board, soft (by light) Board, black suction light board. A variety of color the function introduction as follows. For items, portrait of shooting fill light.Very suitable for professional and non-professional people use.


White reflective:White Reflective plate reflective of light is very subtle. Due to it the reflective performance is not very strong so its effect finish its soft and natural. Need to a little plus a little light when, use this reflective board to shadow parts the details to fill light. This is often the use like window light lighting the use, Can be make shadow parts the details more multi-a little.

Silver reflective:Due to silver reflective plate more bright and smooth as mirror. It can produce more bright the light. Silver reflective board is the most commonly used of a kinds of reflective board. This reflective board the effect is very easy to the is photo's eye in ying xian out, To is a kinds of big and bright the eyes light. The cloudy and light primary from is photo's head above the radio in turn the use, Direct on is photographed the face below, to make it just the camera field of view other, The top light reflection to be photographed on his face. In the cloudy the direct light under, white reflective board on the not with so strong the side effects.

Gold reflective:The fluorescent conditions under use gold reflective board fill light. And silver reflective board the same, it like smooth and the mirror like to reflective light, But and cold tone the silver reflective plate in contrast, it is the light tone more warm. Gold reflective Board more commonly used as main light. The bright the sun under the shooting backlit portrait, And from the side and a little high the light reflection to is photographed the on his face. With this reflective board with two, side effects: A Is can get can irradiation to is photographed on his face the directional light, And also can make is photo's face the exposure increase a block; Two is can reduce the background to the prospects of exposure difference, This way will not the background severe to exposure over.

Black reflective:This reflective board is a kind of, because from technology on the speak it and is not reflective board. But the cut light board "or a close-up suction light board ". Use other reflective board is based on plus light law work the, purpose is to scene add light amount. Use black reflective board the is use by light method to reduce light amount. For what to use black reflective board it? Because all kinds reason for we have to we always have to be with hate the top light shooting. With this light to shoot the face often is the raccoon eye ". Through the black reflective board on you the is photo's head the way to, can reduce top light.

Soft:The SUN light or light and is photo objects or people between from to block out at light the to do, Can be the light soft, reduce contrast. The light strong, and does not want to exchange photography angle loss background the by, Or soft light to reduce is photo material projection the can use.

Without the time folding up into a portable-Small Round package in the, very convenient to carry and storage.


2. BENSE.O products for professional factory production. Quality first-class. Use convenient, folding after can be put into the black portable cloth in. An area of small, easy to store.

3. This reflective board contains gold. Silver. Black. White. Soft five kinds of color. Is you shoot clothing people like the powerful Assistant

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