• 80cm hot shoe flash light reflective-umbrella softbox

80cm hot shoe flash light reflective-umbrella softbox

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Product Description
Treasurer recommended hot baby
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Hot boots flash light with 80 * 80cm reflective-umbrella softbox quick folding open

80 × 80 cm portable-umbrella-softbox

Key features:
1, light diffusion surface to 80 × 80 cm, suitable for range wide range, Can be used for portrait or product photography;
2, distraction is a soft box, use simple; close up like a umbrella, Volume small, net weight only 450g, with a special bag, easy to carry;
3, umbrella body in a high density nylon material, high reflective of; double metal skeleton, Lightweight solid, 8mm umbrellas, applicable to a variety of in room lamp holder.

80 × 80 cm soft box size:
Main material: nylon
Expand diameter: 75 × 75 cm
Product net weight: 450g

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