• 5d2 SLR camera shading bucket focus handle

5d2 SLR camera shading bucket focus handle

  • F1 with focus is + shading bucket + shoulder pad rack a set

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Background cloth rack clip 4-inch strong nylon unversal photography studio professional photography background cloth paper clip large equipment Flash lamp base cold boots seat/Full Metal Hot boots seat adjustable elastic 1/4 screw port improved version 6-inch large strong clip nylon vigorously folder background frame vigorously folder background cloth clip unversal clip Film and TV stands special black sandbag photography sandbags studio canvas striped bearing with adhesive hook factory direct
1.20 7.80 4.50 13.99
Bao Rong Bowens universal card mouth Bao Long professional port soft box connection plate Chuck spot goods Professional Photography cloth black velvet background black light-absorbing cloth 3 m wide photography studio black background cloth props thick Plastic clip 4-inch strong clip nylon vigorously folder background frame vigorously folder background cloth clip unversal clip Universal card mouth External Ring soft box Chuck universal metal port soft box port spot goods
45.00 40.00 2.60 40.00
S60 S40 S80 small Stan Nikon with heavy weight/Wan Delan/handheld stable is universal with re-code Background cloth clip film and TV photography multi-functional metal vigorously clip unversal clip strong iron clip spot goods Umbrella-softbox GRID/GRID lighting rectangular grid 50 * 70cm photography light studio equipment honeycomb-like Flash light support suit D-type flash lamp holder + hot shoe cold boots seat can be inserted umbrella sale
5.00 3.20 40.00 28.00

5D2 5D3 SLR camera kit (550D, 7D, 60D, 600D universal)

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