• 43 inch Straight Shank photography dual umbrella/detachableumbrella flash light reflective umbrella soft umbrella a umbrelladual

43 inch Straight Shank photography dual umbrella/detachableumbrella flash light reflective umbrella soft umbrella a umbrelladual

  • A umbrella dual-use, very convenient

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As of March 17, 2016, already sold 2523 pieces, A, digital is Taobao statistics digital, can not be modified, See the figure.

Common Problem

1 A, dual umbrella the soft umbrella with cross dead light problem it?

A: Some. For cross dead light, personal think that cross dead light there is no how terrible. Roogo you is the into the order process in the in front of the stage, the to cross dead light before, Personal think that as well as it is more problem feel than this, more important, such as 1, light, 2, light, 3, light, how to lighting, how to balance natural light and flash light and so on, can be for the time being not care about this, issue, cross dead light can be in future. Roogo you is professional photography division, or need to shoot high reflective items when, That a, problem is need to note. Of course Roogo budget amount of words, also can take into account directly to buy no cross dead light the soft umbrella, Price to high point.

2 A, dual umbrella reflective the time, soft layer can not take out, if the impact reflective effect?

A: soft layer will reduce reflective strength. But this, and is not a primary, Some friends also! reflective umbrella direct reflection of light There are too hard, need to soften the still photos. In addition as foreign zui commonly used the Westcott the dual umbrella, the reflective umbrella with the time, Soft glossy also can not remove, anti-smooth even are not silver the, is only black cloth to reflective, By light to be more, but we still in wide range use. So personal think that this a problem should be can be let go.

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Use note notes:

1) with good weight, to prevent lighthouse dumping, with assistant support zui good;

2) out shooting note style the problem. From the wind the time, do not feel like style is very small, there is no problem, People feel to the wind the intensity, soft box not must be up, An ideal is soft box mouth to the wind to the direction of every time, Just is for a ride and by force a large the time;

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