• 2017 New style Korean-style mini small background newborns blur background fresh creative portrait background is not reflective

2017 New style Korean-style mini small background newborns blur background fresh creative portrait background is not reflective

  • The default size 1.5 m wide 1.5 micro, only the main figure no mop pp paper material the lowest two pieces from the sale to other size and material please contact customer service to modify the price

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Specifications: 1.5x1.5 m Material: pp paper 18 yuan a pieces Material: Portrait cloth the 25 yuan a pieces Material: non-woven cloth of 34 yuan a pieces All children's background like figure are all OK for making mini small Cloth Scenery Keyi by customers selection customMini small backgroundPP paper material of are 5 pay from the sale portrait cloth non-woven cloth material the three pay fromSale (can beToIs Different Tuan)Offer, please understand  Due to background size small, photo shoot the Baobao and background the distance should not be too far, 's Not easy to wear to help, so these background are made to do the Blur, this Photography Division in the photoshoot the on the without design made with a large aperture, long focal length, far photo away from to pursuit of gain.   Use Method:
1: the small background adhesive in with hanging the clothes rack on the and with turn book bangle is designed for the use do not at which point
Weather put background shaft under with large background block the province space convenient
2: Stick the KT board on
3: hanging in the connected clips shaft on
With a way: Children's shop indoor photo shoot (the 3-year-old) Door Service photo shoot

Excellent point:
Petite, to carry Use convenient, price cheap, Keyi constantly to Baobao for background, increase Forfreshlife sense to improve post-selected piece rate



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(1) due to the table computer monitor was color state different, may be you the see the color may and actual back

King color a little with difference, pleaseEntity to quasi.

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The transport process at which caused byProblem, please refused to sign, and timely and we contact.

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The look with scratch and other, suchThere, please you do not sign for, and timely and we contact solve! You sign for after we

TheAs for no look impact!

(4)BENSE.O product for custom product all is according to the customer need to the size and material custom the is not quality ask

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