• 15mm gold wide bag chain metal chain bag chain (With buckle long a m version2)

15mm gold wide bag chain metal chain bag chain (With buckle long a m version2)

  • Material : Aluminum/Alloy
  • Color : Gold

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Thank you, vast sea in, only love my



We focus on product the quality, such as see product with quality problem please in time contact online customer service Oh!Shop work bowl, but we will dedication, do not free to the negative feedback, thank you!

 === Baby description===

[Name]:Versatile four sides grinding chain, high-grade craft metal bag chain.

Material ]:Aluminum/Alloy

Sale]:High-grade electroplated, is not easy to fade

[Size ]:Chain wide about14.5 cm

[Chain the with buttons size]:Long about 4. 7Cm, the most wide, size about1.7 cm 

Chain the with buttons can only buckle in the material5Mm(Within) thickDBuckle on the, too thick the material buckle is not on the OH!

[Price ]:The display to strip chain price

[Weight ]:With buckle a m about weight 130g

[Color ]:Gold(Due to different batch of electroplated picture and entity with the color Oh, mind the carefully shot) 

Because is not the same batch electroplated out the, batch of different will be a little color, therefore buttons and chain will be a little with color, pursue perfect the carefully shot Oh!


[For length]:Because is handmade cutting, so will not per a root are same as the long short, length will have a to 2 cm of error, requirements perfect the pro, Please carefully shot ha!


The following picture is not a than a photoshoot, size only do reference, please do not with imagination shopping, please confirm size and then shoot Oh


Free map display:

Free map only for reference


Product details display:

Note: Due to photoshoot light, temperature, and display device the calibration different and other a variety of factors, you the see the picture color and entity color will have a little deviation, we will still feel reduce deviation, to the proximity entity color the picture show to you. Pictures are the owner I personally photoshoot, Timossin, picture is not a than a shot, specific size please see the details.







Purchase notes:

For colorAbout color

1, Shop all baby are the entity photoshoot. Different Light different display device are will result in color, this is not to avoid. 
2, In order to can more clear the for baby,DdAre in the macro photoshoot, size also to baby details in the description to quasi. Do not imagine, there is no size concept of, the to buy before the control good scale.
3, Each batch goods because batches of different, will have more or less the color, Energy Limited, not may each batch are photo shoot contrast, handmade products more is so, mindMmPlease carefully shot.

About fade

Bag accessories electroplated after out of all is seal oil the, accessories is not your metal to do, can only guarantee is not easy to fade, not can guaranteed forever not fade Oh, (Roogo tell you not fade, you own think of more style also will not believe, market on a few hundred so small the alloy necklace with long the will fade, black price so cheap of accessories and chain it, also hope you can understand!

For returnedAbout exchanged
1, Quality problem can no conditions return, but only if to buyers photo shoot to our after-sales check to visit online is our product quality problems before they give a return (Shipping by seller ), roogo is client malicious damage caused by the quality problem is not give a return, mindMmPlease carefully shot.

2, We focus on items the quality assurance, such as received goods after there is quality problem, the in time and Treasurer contact product all are is of the company product, not support Taobao7Days back for goods.

3, In this shop to buy to not suitable own the product, not support back for cargo, the and customer service communication allows for goods the conditions under the as long as packaging chain the long plastic tape packaging intact photo shoot to customer service visit online after, verify that there is no problem buyers self-care postage, packaging strong can for goods, is not can return, we receive for cargo baby Roogo see express loose we will reject delivery does not give a for goods. We the baby is the metal items easy to wear, for goods more strict, does not affect the two times sales, not accept the pro, Please carefully shot, please youMmOptimistic about size in the film, not clear the, please contact customer service, roogo not to see size own shoot the due to poor effect at your own!

4, We only can ensure that the is, willing to sincere, objective, active the for you solve any you run into the any after-sales problem, therefore Roogo you receive packaging after have any problems all can through in time of contact our Customer Service peas to resolve oh.

Warm promptWarm prompt
Please buyers carefully selection product size and color, due to the hand measurement exist&Plusmn; 2 MMThe difference, profit is not more, do not bargain. Receive product after have any problem please first with the store contact, of the shop will be in the most fast the speed to help you solve, to get the most out of the security you of their interest.

DIYAccessories all is factory in the artificial production, not present perfect. Part of the will have small flaws, such as small scratch, Yi plastic, Gem a little crooked and other, not is part of quality problem. After all we do not have quality control. So the pursuit of perfect the stop.
Baby type of many, material, workmanship are with different. For making production of behind the drip is the picture on the to see is not to. Therefore present price Difference shi shu mid. Of price than problem is, is the home off the personal factors, per month of point of view, requirements, measure standard are not the same. Roogo just because personal not like, and imagination is not the same, so that said, I help not to you. Also please buy before carefully choose, in time andDdCommunication, to avoid is misunderstanding.

Please you note:
Accessories is not finished product, can not be guaranteed100%Perfect
Chui mao qiu ci the with a magnifying glass shopping the perfect of the Please do not shoot
TheMmShot before consider clear if is you need to
Modify inventory is a pieces very trouble the thing
No reason run single, buy version turn Cargo, cheat goods, get evaluated and other non-normal human never Trading !!

Jewelry and maintenance method:
Jewelry often replacement, with a pieces jewelry should be to avoidFree long time to wear, especially is for hot the summer, jewelry coating long Contact sweat, easy to xiao shi

So the best is ready multi-piece jewelry to be usedOften to replace.

2.Contact chemical Medicine, jewelry easy to damaged.Bath when the aroma, swimming in the chlorine, sea water in the salt, of jewelry coating to shi hen

Therefore shower or swimming before should be the accessories all unloading in addition.

3.Do not the jewelry in together, should be stored in the original packaging bag in or the equipment with independent small plaid the jewlery box in, to avoid each other touch wipe and rub flower Surface

4.Time to time cleaning jewelry, our signature soft fine Brush sweep rub jewelry surface, the jewelry to remove surface stains

5.CarefullyThe girl can in the metal surface coated with a layer transparent the nail oil,This can avoid accessories and air the contact.Wear time more long oh~

Default fast express company: tact (Emergency single can be selection SF to pay, contact customer service to change price)

Hair goods! Hair goods! Delivery: payment after 36 small time of delivery, usually in the same day five o'clock P.M. before order are can be the same day delivery, emergency single please take the SF, original liang I compare anxious do not repeat reminder!

&Quot;Emergency single" name said solution put it down: as long as for product to up interference effects with required on the called emergency single! Is not only today shoot tomorrow to the that kinds of was called emergency single. Because for fast express I control is not the, who are control is not, a-like 1 days to the 2-3 days to this also is the fast express company the mid fan around within, so I can offer you the is security and documents to you the interference effects hair goods ~




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